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Z-Ridge Dental Bone for Dogs - ZUK-8715-M - Zukes

Z-Ridge Dental Bone for Dogs

Price: $3.49

The Z-Ridge Fresh Breath formula helps fight doggy breath with naturally powerful chlorophyll, found in the dark specks and streaks of alfalfa concentrate, plus a healthy blend of nutmeg, clove, parsley, and fennel seed. As always, Z-Ridge fresh breath bones contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and are wheat and corn free. FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE FEEDING.SAFETY FIRST - As with any edible treat, monitor your dog while chewing. Ensure that your dog adequately chews the treat. Do not feed the treat if you question your dog's ability to adequately chew. Swallowing any item without adequately chewing may be harmful or fatal to a dog.

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