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Wellness "WellFlex" Double Strength for Large Breed Dogs

Price: $21.99

The WellFlex supplement products for dogs are effective and superior nutraceuticals for connective tissues and joint support at any stage of a dog's life. Their synergistic combination of Chondroitin sulfates, glucosamine, methylsufonyl-methane, and vitamin C can bring your dog relief from the symptoms associated with joint problems while at the same time providing the raw materials or building blocks (nutritionally) necessary to support normal repair mechanisms. We all understand the symptoms of joint problems and know all too well that they occur as a result of inadequate joint support, aging, and ongoing wear and tear. WellFlex Dog Formula from Wellness® (regular and double strength) offer both you and your dog an effective line of defense, whether your goal is to support existing 'healthy' tissue and joints or to bring relief and improved function to the aged or injured animal. Easy to administer, chicken-flavored, chewable tablets combine chondroitin sulfates with glucosamine-HCL, methylsulfonyl-methane, and vitamin C for maximum protection and support. Because age, breed, diet, lifestyle, injury, and stress can affect the health of any joint's structure and function.

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