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Vitality Duck Breast Dog Treats - DOG-8539 - Dogswell

Vitality Duck Breast Dog Treats

Price: $7.49

DOGSWELL produces premium, functional jerky treats with baked in vitamins and supplements for dogs. VITALITY Duck Jerky is made with all-natural Duck breast and fortified with flaxseed oil and vitamins for healthy eyes, skin and coat. All DOGSWELL treats contain NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO flour, NO wheat, NO corn, NO soy, NO byproducts, NO sugar, NO fillers, NO BHA / BHT, NO artificial flavors and NO added salt. Just like humans, dogs need to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of vitamins. Also like humans, many dogs tend to not get all the vitamins they need. Even if you feed your dog organic food or even home grown food, most dogs need to take a supplement. However, dog owners know that it can be very difficult to convince a dog to take a capsule everyday, and liquid drops are not much easier to administer. Of course, you could crush the vitamin and mix it with food, but you can never be sure your dog will eat the entire bowl before the vitamin starts to lose its efficacy.

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