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The Missing Link Plus Canine Formula for Dogs - 3 lbs

The Missing Link Plus Canine Formula for Dogs - 3 lbs

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The Missing Link Canine Plus features a unique blend of vegetarian glucosamine, omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids and all natural, human-grade whole foods chosen for their nutrient profile and synergistic effects.

The Missing Link Canine Plus formula provides joint support in combination with great nutrition for your dog and is in the form of a granular powder that is easily sprinkled on the animal's regular food on a daily basis according to weight. Contains no fillers, preservatives or artificial colorings or flavors and is Made in the USA.

For use on dogs


Add the Missing Link to your animal's regular food according to its weight.

Daily intake three teaspoons = one tablespoon.

- Up to 20 lbs., one teaspoon
- 20 - 40 lbs., two teaspoons
- 40 - 80 lbs. (average size), three teaspoons
- 80 - 100 lbs., four teaspoons
- Over 100 lbs., six teaspoons

One lb. is approximately a two month supply for an average size dog.


Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein (min.) 20%, crude fat (min.) 26%, crude fiber (max.) 10%, moisture (max.) 10%, linoleic acid (omega-6) per tbsp. 5.6%, *Linoleic acid (omega-3) per tbsp. 12.5%, *Glucosamine sulfate per tbsp. 6.3%.*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles.

Ingredients: Flax seed, glucosamine sulfate, blackstrap molasses, freeze dried liver, rice bran, primary dried yeast, sunflower seed, dehydrated alfalfa, dried carrot, freeze dried bone, dried fish meal, freeze dried oyster, sprouted green barley, dried kelp, lecithin, garlic, and yucca schidigera extract.

Special Notes

As with any high fiber product, start with small amounts and gradually increase to the recommended level over the course of a week or two. Some animals may benefit even more if their Missing Link intake is doubled for the first 90 days following the adjustment period. The daily intake can be divided into two or more servings if desired.


- Fiber for bowel health and to help maintain normal digestion.
- Glucosamine to stimulate the production of collagen, the protein that helps support healthy joints.
- Phyto (plant) nutrients and traces of various vitamins and minerals important for overall health and well being.
- Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation and promote joint mobility, a healthy skin and coat and balanced energy.

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