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Sterling Nursemate ASAP for Puppies - 15 ml

Sterling Nursemate ASAP for Puppies - 15 ml

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Sterling Technologies Nursemate ASAP provides newborn puppies with the finest colostrum available. Ideal for immediate puppy care when birth is delayed or premature, access to bitchs colostrum is limited, or when extra support is needed.Born with relatively no immune system, newborns depend on colostrum from their mothers to transfer the first immune factors to their systems. During the early stages of development it is imperative the proper amount of colostrum be given to the newborn. A weak immune system in first hours can have a significant influence on the rest of it's life.There may not be an adequate amount of colostrum available for a full litter. When this happens, some or even all the litter will suffer due to competition and poor feeding. NurseMate gives the newborn the energy to aggressively nurse as well as provides an alternative source of colostrum with the essential proteins the newborn needs to get the right start. For use on dogs.

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