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Southern Delight - MER-9215 - Merrick

Southern Delight

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Another unique entree accredited to the connoisseurs of the southern cat lifestyle is a delight that all cats should experience. The south is famous for heaping portions of food. We like to do the same with all of our entrees since we use a large amount of meat in all of our Merrick family recipes. This delicious dish offers a classic medley of plenty of Chicken, Cat Fish and Craw Fish to boot. We sprinkle these tasty vittles of protein with fresh Carrots, fresh Zucchini and fresh Granny Smith Apples which are sure to take your cats dinning experience to the pinnacle of culinary delight. By the way, the Merricks said that if your cat starts meowing with a southern drawl and keeps asking to take a road trip to the South to get in touch with their roots, itís completely normal.

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