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Purrlicious Cat Treats - PGU-9501 - Pet Guard

Purrlicious Cat Treats

Price: $6.59

An incredible kitty cat snack breakthrough...Organic urrlicious. Healthy teeth and gums are essential for optimum health. PetGuard® Purrlicious® is an organic, great tasting low fat snack that keeps your cat's teeth clean and healthy. The flavorful crunchy texture of each nutritious bite scrapes away plaque and tartar. With organic chicken, grains and fiber, along with carefully selected vitamins and minerals, Purrlicious will become a delicious part of your cat's daily routine for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. So healthy, you can feel good about giving them a between meal snack! Purrlicious will have your cat communicating in the most imaginative ways so you will know it's Purrlicious time. All the while, they will be gratefully purrrring thanks for this purrrrfectly healthy snack.

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