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Natural Vegetarian Adult Dry Dog Food - AVO-8011 - Avoderm

Natural Vegetarian Adult Dry Dog Food

Price: $8.99

For meat sensitive dogs Antioxidant rich for healthy immune system Highly digestible formula Healthy Skin and Coat on the Outside Healthy Dog on the Inside. As dog lovers and experienced dog owners ourselves, we know that the condition of a dog's skin and coat is frequently a reflection of overall health. Poor skin health can sometimes be traced to dietary insufficiencies or imbalances. Problems with the skin and coat are never just cosmetic. Symptoms such as hair loss, thinning coat, dullness, dry flaky skin, excessive scratching, thickened skin, infections, and odors can often be traced back to either a shortage or an excess of a specific nutrient. In fact, there is no more visible indicator of problems with your dog's overall health than problems with the skin and coat. The right nutrients in the right proportions are indispensable to keeping your dog healthy. AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian provides quality protein sources that are ideal for adult dogs with sensitivities to meat protein sources. We use only quality ingredients in all our formulas to provide healthy, balanced levels of protein, fat, and nutrients for adult dogs-we never use by-products. High quality ingredients eliminate the need for unnecessary preservatives and additives-things your dog's diet definitely doesn't need. We use only vitamins E & C to ensure freshness and palatability in our foods. Feed AvoDerm Natural regularly to sustain the highest level of nutrition for your dog from the inside out.

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