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Multipet Boingo Ball Dog Toy - Small

Multipet Boingo Ball Dog Toy - Small

Price: $2.15

Multipet Boingo Balls for dogs deliver hours of playtime fun for dogs and the small size is great for cats also. Crisscrossed rubber rings provide easy gripping and erratic bouncing; beads inside create a whirring sound that drives pets crazy.Multipet Boingo Balls offer an innovative, space-age shape. Hard plastic Boingo Balls are surrounded by a crisscrossing of tough rubber rings that provide easy gripping, erratic bouncing and chewing opportunities. Each inner ball contains beads inside that create a whirling sound when they are played with. These toys even float in water!The small size is for small dogs and cats and the large size is for large dogs. Medium size dogs miss out on this great toy. Small size measures 2 inches and large size measure 5 inches. Colors may vary and are selected at time of shipping. For use on dogs.

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