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Kong Zoom Groom Brush for Cats

Kong Zoom Groom Brush for Cats

Price: $5.29

Zoom Groom removes loose cat hair other brushes can't reach. Actually works like a magnet for hair stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats. Zoom Groom's tapered 3/4 bristles massage the skin and stimulate natural oil production for a healthy coat. Firm and flexible bristles are soft enough to use even for an occasional belly rub, a true gift for any cat. Cleans with a snap of the wrist. Zoom Groom is manufactured by Kong Company.Works on all coats, short and long. It works equally well on short coats when they are wet or dry, but works best on long coats when the hair is wet. Work brush in circular motion for best results. For use on cats..

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