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Kangaroo Strips Smart Dog Treats - PLT-8771-K - Plato

Kangaroo Strips Smart Dog Treats

Price: $13.99

These soft and chewy jerky-type treats are healthy and dogs love them! Each treat is 90% meat, fortified with antioxidant vitamins, proteinated zinc and glucosamine. They contain no artificial colors, flavors, synthetic preservatives, genetically modified organisms or meat byproducts. The treats vary from 2-4 inches long and are mostly an inch wide and about a quarter inch thick. There are 35-40 in a heavy re-sealable pouch that stands up. Plato Treats' goal is to provide a smart, healthy alternative to the highly processed, artificially flavored treats currently on the market, and when pets are part of your family, your pet's health is as important as your own, that's good news. If you're tired and frustrated by treats containing unhealthy by-products, fillers, and artificial ingredients, then these treats are for you...uh, well, for your dog anyway! Brand: Plato.

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