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Just for Puppy - WEL-8055PUP - Wellness

Just for Puppy

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Being a puppy parent takes lots of love, lots of patience and lots of new decisions. Rest assured, Wellness has the nutrition part covered with their Just for Puppy line of food, helping you provide just what your little friend needs to grow up smart and strong. During this critical foundation year, your puppy's weight will more than double. So, this recipe is holistically formulated the Wellness Way, using nutrient-rich whole foods to fulfill your puppy's special developmental nutritional needs. That means increased levels of protein, fat and calories and a guaranteed level of a special fatty acid called DHA. New research shows this unique nutrient, normally found in mother' s milk, helps support cognitive development vital to learning and training. Also recommended for pregnant and nursing dogs For over a decade, Wellness has made it their mission to provide pet parents, like you, with a variety of smarter nutritional choices that create a foundation of wellbeing and longevity from the inside ... out. * Holistic nutrition for growing puppies. * Optimal bone & muscle development - Protein from deboned chicken, chicken meal and salmon meal, not from meat by-products or corn. * Healthy immune system development - Antioxidant rich recipe with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. * Naturally delicious, smaller sized kibble - Without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. * Contains NO wheat, soy or dairy. * Available in 6, 15 and 30 lb. bags. * Please specify size.

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