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IVS Quick Bath for Cats - 10 Pack

IVS Quick Bath for Cats - 10 Pack

Price: $3.63

IVS (International Veterinary Sciences) Quick Bath for cats are extra thick and heavy duty pre-moistened cat cleansing wipes that remove dirt, debris and germs. Quick Bath was the first pet wipe on the market and is alcohol and lanolin free.These wipes help get rid of bacteria and eliminate odors while cleaning and conditioning the skin and coat. Cats will be left with a clean, shiny and fresh smelling hair/coat.Quick Bath contains Micellized Vitamin A & E plus Aloe Vera. The Vitamin A & E are Micellized using a unique patented process that enables fat-soluble nutrients to absorb rapidly through the cell membranes increasing the overall effectiveness of the product. Micellization increases ingredient absorption as much as five time verses an un-Micellized product. Increased absorption leads to increased effectiveness. For use on cats.

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