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Iams Kitten Formula - IAM-9023K

Iams Kitten Formula

Price: $10.99

Iams cooks wholesome, nutrient-rich chicken into every kibble of Iams Kitten to provide an appropriate amount of protein for your kitten to nourish growing muscles, body systems, skin, and coat. Iams Kitten offers all of the essential amino acids needed for healthy growth, including taurine for healthy eyes and a strong heart. Iams Kitten is also enhanced with vitamin-rich fish oils for overall health and contains a patented fiber source to help maintain colon and digestive system health for less litter box waste and odor. And remember itís important to feed Iams Kitten for a full year before transitioning to adult food. Recommended for kittens from weaning to 12 months. Also for pregnant and nursing cats.

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