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EVO Small Bites Dog Food - INE-8002 - INNOVA EVO

EVO Small Bites Dog Food

Price: $15.79

EVO Dog Small Bites Dry Dog Food formula is based on ground chicken and turkey meat, bones, fat, cartilage and connective tissue. It includes whole, raw fruits and vegetables which contain health promoting phytochemicals and micronutrients. They are the same ingredients you’ve come to expect from our Adult Dry Food, but in smaller kibble sizes for smaller dogs. If you like the idea of feeding raw, but prefer a gently cooked food that provides benefits that match raw, frozen or home prepared high-meat pet diets, EVO is the answer. EVO is the first grain-free ancestral diet that provides the benefits of modern nutrition in a safe, convenient and cost-effective natural food. Use EVO alone, or as a supplement to your raw or home cooked pet food for a completed and balanced natural feeding.

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