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Campfire Trout Feast - MER-8332 - Merrick

Campfire Trout Feast

Price: $11.99

A family camping trip is a rite of passage for some and a funny set of memories for many more. Bringing the family Chihuahua along for companionship is probably a better idea than using him for protection, even if he’s a long hair. However, no matter the size of the fight in the dog, a fresh fillet of grilled trout prepared camp side is the essence of an outdoor culinary experience that all canines should enjoy. This dish offers an alternative for the days your furry fellow is stuck inside salivating over the family goldfish in his urban suite. The Merrick’s would like to encourage you and your dog to grab a bag of marshmallows, a stack of carob bars and a box of graham crackers and go sing Kumbaya around the campfire.

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