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Breathies Chicken Breast Dog Treats - DOG-8202 - Dogswell

Breathies Chicken Breast Dog Treats

Price: $7.49

For a happy, healthy life, every dog should have clean teeth & fresh breath. That's where Dogswell Breathies come in. Made with protein-rich, all natural chicken breasts, these scientifically formulated and lovingly prepared dog treats are made especially to quickly freshen breath. We use only the best ingredients and fortifications because at Dogswell we're committed to baking healthy and tasty treats. Go on, give your dog the best, and make it a Dogswell day every day. DOGSWELL produces premium, functional jerky treats with baked in vitamins and supplements for dogs. BREATHIES Chicken Breast Jerky is made with all-natural chicken breast and fortified with mint and parsley for fresh breath and healthy teeth. All DOGSWELL treats contain NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO flour, NO wheat, NO corn, NO soy, NO byproducts, NO sugar, NO fillers, NO BHA / BHT, NO artificial flavors and NO added salt.

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