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AKC Green Planet - Lemming - AKC-2948

AKC Green Planet - Lemming

Price: $7.99

AKC Green Planet Collection introduces the Lemming squeaker dog toy. What is a Lemming? Lemmings are small rodents, usually found in or near the Arctic, in tundra biomes. They make up the subfamily Arvicolinae. They generally have long, soft fur and very short tails. AKC Green Planet Collection dog toys are products that use recycled components (including plastics, polyester, stuffing, cardboard packaging and more) in each product, providing environmentally-friendly dog toys, to pets everywhere. Recycled materials used in the line include recycled plastics, polyester stuffing, cardboard packaging and more. Although recycled materials are more difficult and expensive to produce, it is a small price to pay to help the planet. AKC Green Planet Collection products feature premium quality treats, toys and accessories for dogs. The American Kennel Club is proud to stamp its prestigious name on products that are not only safe and good for dogs, but also for the environment.

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